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VIM 配置

```vim set nocompatible “ be iMproved, required filetype off “ required




此表作于 2000 年左右,由侯捷發於個人網站,版權爲侯捷所有,不適用本站默認協議。由于原網站已不復存在,現從互聯網檔案館獲取全文並由純文本轉为 HTML 表格。

((报告 书) = (书 (报告 书)) ——《Gödel, Escher, Bach——集异璧之大成》读书报告



但使 haku 还在,失魂的尸壳亦会动吧。——犬夜叉


今年早些时候,一众 OI 好友曾在讨论声名鹊起的「少儿编程」。议题集中在目前该领域之不规范性与实际教学水准。然而当该市场与我们亲眼目睹的互联网泡沫一般大江东去浪淘尽,乃至死而复生,最终留存者必已脱离自发混乱之初级阶段,届时上述讨论自然过时。然而,若真的存在「完美的」少儿编程,便值得选择吗?

2020 年 ICPC 西部区域(省)赛题文



Short speech on encryption

Roger Penrose claimed in his new book The Emperor’s New Mind that all branches of mathematics have been taken in effect except number theory. But the following tens of years have witnessed that this antique theory have found its modern position in encryption with the galloping development of computers. In 1936 long before the earliest computer’s coming into life, Alan Turing had published his theory of the behaviour of Turing machines and meta-Turing machines, which were later implemented as computer programmes and computers. He left us a question whether P is equal to NP, namely, whether a problem can be solved in polynomial time as long as its solution can be checked in such time. The intangibility of P=NP made us believe the opposite, which generated currently-used encryption algorithms, some of them based on big integers and number theoretical transform, guarding the information world. Now the ever-growing quantum computers aim to take the place of traditional encryption to construct the one without possibilities to be attacked.