Which character for ‘inbound passengers’?


AV/BV conversion with Scratch!

本文引用通告至奇怪的 AV 号–BV 号转换程序增加了!,该文用两种奇诡的编程语言实现转换。Scratch 有一定限制,如不支持异或,比较字符不区分大小写,因此 BV 转 AV 实际用全半角字符区分。源码在

Hidden Shidinn

This is currently a test. This is a word game resembling Microsoft Wordament. Move on adjacent cells (in eight directions) to form a Shidinn Hanzi with at least three letters!

Szihaegdzip (Collection, left my cabin)


Toki ma Kanji

UPDATE: It is Kokanu now. Further updates of my website will include further discussion to more languages.

K at college

2015 年出版之通识教育大讲堂——学科通识系列公开讲座,引用此例说明当代大学生……使用外来词汇和英语句式的激情几乎达到了疯狂的程度。因奇故译之。



((报告 书) = (书 (报告 书)) ——《Gödel, Escher, Bach——集异璧之大成》读书报告

最初接触《哥德尔、艾舍尔、巴赫——集异璧之大成》(以下简称《集》)是在我高一因故赋闲之时。彼时我对计算机的理解,至多不过能用 C 语言输出菱形;加之在高中时期,即便不在校园也偏离不了主航道太远,遑论打开这部装帧古旧的厚书「冒充」学习。因此,《集》一向被我束之高阁,时至今日才真正与之共鸣。



Short speech on encryption

Roger Penrose claimed in his new book The Emperor’s New Mind that all branches of mathematics have been taken in effect except number theory. But the following tens of years have witnessed that this antique theory have found its modern position in encryption with the galloping development of computers. In 1936 long before the earliest computer’s coming into life, Alan Turing had published his theory of the behaviour of Turing machines and meta-Turing machines, which were later implemented as computer programmes and computers. He left us a question whether P is equal to NP, namely, whether a problem can be solved in polynomial time as long as its solution can be checked in such time. The intangibility of P=NP made us believe the opposite, which generated currently-used encryption algorithms, some of them based on big integers and number theoretical transform, guarding the information world. Now the ever-growing quantum computers aim to take the place of traditional encryption to construct the one without possibilities to be attacked.